The beginning of the change..part 1

My father passed away in June of 1995, and I found myself with a large chunk of change in the bank a few months after he passed on. He committed suicide, which usually means no insurance payout to the surviving family members. One warm August afternoon, when I trampled down the stairway to the main floor where the mailboxes where, I didn’t know what I was about to find in my mailbox. I had no idea that inside that skinny, silver box with a keyhole was something that would change my path in life forever. Of course What they didn’t know, and possibly couldn’t have known, that giving a 21 year old that much money and a checkbook was just asking for trouble. In my case it would end up being excitement, adventure AND trouble.


  1. Mike E Said:

    Result as well, if you’re me, in a big fat student loan Dfault. It happens — especially when the spring semester $2000 payout arrives in the mail on my last day of class in May ’94.

    I was off to Red Rocks so fast the tires on my car lost contact with the road. No turning back; no time to rest; and no other worthwhile way to go.

  2. Mike E Said:

    That is, a student loan D-fault, sorry bout the ypo

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