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I don’t know if it will ever get read by anyone but once you put something out there there is always a chance. One evening, around a campfire, the drums will be beating from a distance. Fireworks will be set off and fly into the air with the squeak that goes along with those cheap kinds. People will be playing with glow rings and maybe even a fire dancer or two. Couples will be in the shadows holding hands and pointing at things in the dark that only they can see. The darkness will fill with spirits and laughter will come from places unknown. The music will never cease and that’s part of the fun. The sun will rise and as 9am comes it’ll be time to finally grab a few winks of sleep and say goodbye to those whom have shared the evening with you. We will part with hugs and knowledge that we have done what was meant to be and what will be in the future.


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  1. Mike E Said:


    That’s when it’s awesome.

    See ya There dude!

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