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Darn it all to heck. Frick

I just don’t get it why people have to die. I mean I know thaty have to at some point. But why do the people I KNOW have to die. At least the first bad thing this weeek was a small fire at one of the biuldings that my boss takes care of, then came the second thing, an office blowing his brains out in front of another building that my boss takes care of and now this. Roger, the guy that remodeled my entire bathroom, he was my confident for that whole time..well he’s gone and up and died from something relating to the lungs…i just can’t believe it. I”m somewhat in shock and have tears. Hopefully writing about it here will help me feel better faster then later. I just can’t beleive he’s gone. I wanted to talk to him at least one more time! You never expect someone so fully of vim and vigor like he was would just flat out die with no warning. I guess it had to do with cigarettes. He did smoke a lot and he did cough a lot when he was remodeling the bathroom but I figured that just came with the territory of putting up insulation and working in an enclosed room. May you rest in peace roger. Thank you for the wondrful bathroom. You’ll be missed.


Im absolutely devastated by the news that my one boss is leaving and a new boss will be coming to take over in 2 weeks. Ive been working for J for almost 4 years. The new guy is just that, new, young, and will want things done differently. Im scared to death that I won’t get along with the new guy, Im scared to death that I won’t be good enough for him. I’m settled in my way of life and then suddenly the ball drops and something like this happens when i’m not ready for it. I suppose thats the way of life.  I cried when i heard the news. I didn’t know I would cry but the tears came out. Im going to miss j with all my heart. he was like a father to me. Always helping me out when I needed it. Even loaning us money when we had some hard times awhile back. You don’t find people like that all the time and I know the new guy won’t come close to being the way that J is. I just talked to my other boss, to let her know the change that is happening and she was very easy to talk to and she totally understands my loss.  That’s what it feels like, a loss. I know J’s just gonna be in a different building, but we’ve been working together for almost 4 years and thats a lot of time to be close. He talked to me about all sorts of things. Things like vietnam (he went twice), and his family and my family, and all sorts of personal talk. We are very close and this is going to be super hard. I have 2 weeks to get ready for this. I first need to get through today though, because I’m going to be on the verge of crying or just plain ole crying when i think about him leaving. It’s like losing a family member. Everyone is gonna say ‘ well hes just in the other building, now youll have to find reasons to go over there. I doubt I will. That place is NOT a comfortable place to visit. Too many personalities that don’t match. According to T, my other boss, the new guy is actually ok to work with and she says she knows I can do it. I know I can do it, I just don’t want to work for anyone else but J.